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Professional tour guides will take you to discover Florence

We are professional tourist guides. We offer free guided tours because the aim of our cultural platform is to spread and share the art and the history of Florence. We believe that free sharing of knowledge has to be an enjoyable personal experience of self development.


Florence is well known for the beauty and the geometrical harmonical proportions of its many historical buildings. In less than 50 km2 here we find 15% of the world's artistical heritage. The artists, poets and philosophers who lived here had imagined an ideal humanistic city. And with the endorsment of the Florentine prospering bankers they developed a new modern culture that was called Renaissance. Have a walk in Florence together with a professional expert local guide in-between a dance of beauty.

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Los mejores tours de Florencia, de la mano de los mejores profesionales
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Classic Florence – Orientation tour

Florence, a city of art and history. After this orientation tour with us you'll be able to better appreciate the structure and the appearance of our very special city. Not so big, after all. Yet so overflowing with history and art treasures that every stone has something to tell you. Our walk together will touch the main landmarks of the historical center - from Piazza Duomo to Piazza Signoria and Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), wandering along middle ages alleys and the main streets dating back to the Roman time. At the end, you will have the whole heart of Florence around your fingertips!

Cost: : Free tour. If you enjoy the time spent with your guide, at the end you can leave a tip. Not compulsory.
Language: English
Meeting point: Piazza Duomo, on the corner with Via dell'Oriuolo (behind the Cathedral)
Duration: 1h 30minc c.a.
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